Hello, everyone!

The 2018 VuFind Summit will take place on October 15-16 of this year during Villanova University's fall break (near Philadelphia). As usual, we will report on the project's progress over the last year and set priorities for the next year of development.

Last year, we had a relatively low in-person attendance, and we were successful in incorporating virtual participants into the event. For both of these reasons, I'm polling for interest in on-site participation. We're still more than happy to host visitors as we have in the past, but we want to be sure there is sufficient interest before we invest time in planning the physical aspects of the event.

If you are still interested in attending on-site, please let me know as soon as possible so I can begin the event planning process and set up registration. As in past years, in-person attendance would require a modest fee (under $100) to cover meals and other expenses. If you only wish to attend virtually, that will be free, and you can simply mark your calendar and await more details later in the year.

Thanks for your time!

- Demian