Hi Paul,

We started using docker not long ago to make a more manageable architecture for our hydra heads.  Up to this point we have not run into any problems we have one that has been running for 5 months without a blip.

If you have been using it in development for a while then it will make going to production really easy.  We have not tried running our containers through any direct deployment or continues integration setups yet, but that is our next step.  Hope that helps.


/ David J. Davis
Software Engineer - WVU Libraries
West Virginia University

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Who's using Docker in production?

Hello all,

At Queen’s University Library (in Kingston, ON, Canada), we’ve been using Docker for about a year for doing local development and testing software. We’d like to move on to the next phase of using Docker for our production servers and would love to have some other people to chat with about this. Is anyone on this list using Docker (either CE or EE) for their production servers?


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