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I am asking for recommendations. 

We are looking a better solution for our marketing team's photograph collection. 

Photographs are taken by staff at events and are uploaded into folders on servers with little/no information attached. Our marketing staff is frustrated with how much time it takes to sort through these for usable images, sometimes hours.

After looking at several options I've determined that: 

1) Image management software on a PC may not be enough of a solution. 
2) A full blown digital management system seems to be too overkill for the project.

We need the ability for multiple people to:

- Quickly catalog, tag, group, and/or label photos and videos.

- Easily filter and search metadata by date, location, subject, permissions, rightsd, and purpose.

- Export batch images to email, social media sites, and storage. 

- Adding metadata formatting in a batch would be a big plus.

Any system or workflow we choose needs to be sustainable and portable using large numbers of items.


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