Do you ever leave messages for your future self to find? To-do lists excluded, I mean.


Slack provides a Direct Message channel where you can DM yourself—and of course, that gave ‘past Becca’ ideas. A few days ago, I opened a rarely-used instance to find that I’d posted a message there months ago.  “Hi, hello!” I had said, with a little waving hand emoji.  According to the date, it was put there back in October. What a cheerful and thoughtful thing of past-me to do! I cackled when I saw it, pretty sure that I’d also cackled when I wrote it. It was a bit like receiving unexpected mail from a friend: sweet, and a little bit endearing. We should do more of that kind of thing, don’t you think? Hide little encouragements around for ourselves and our friends.


On that note, best of luck if you’re searching for a job. Here are the ones that came across my desk this week:  


Digital Scholarship Librarian, Southern Methodist University

Digital Technologies Librarian, Hamilton College

Consuelo Artaza and Castaneda Resident Librarian, University of Texas Libraries

Technology Analyst, Concordia University Library

Digital Strategy and Services Manager, Hoover Institution at Stanford University


View past listings on the Jobs Board or by tracking #DLFjobs. If you have a position description to share with the community, you’re in luck! You can submit it quickly on our site—for free, if you’re a  DLF member affiliate!


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Becca Quon

Program Associate for Advancement & Awards

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