Hi Nate,

I recently found out about this project "Wax" from Marii Nyröp. It seems to accomplish the functionality of an online exhibit that may be similar to what you are looking for. I've found Wax to be really interesting to work with so far.


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    Hi Nate,
    I used which comes with a well produced YouTube video series: 
    It was a good experience as a beginner at the time, for my site , in combination with another github-hosted Jekyll blog I liked. 
    The theme is aging well, but it has not been maintained.
    How bout that Microsoft Github merger??
    Julia Caffrey
    Web Services Librarian
    Towson University
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    Subject: [CODE4LIB] jekyll theme for a portfolio / exhibit?
    Can anyone on this list point to a free, simple jekyll theme is good for displaying a grid style portfolio of illustration / projects / designs as well as all the typical bloggy functionality out-of-the-box? Nothing I'm finding is quite what I would like and I don't really have time to do a bunch of custom work.
    Nate Hill