The 2018 DLF Forum Inclusivity Committee is pleased to share the DLF Social Event Checklist, a checklist designed to help you evaluate possible social event venues to ensure that they are inclusive and welcoming to all participants.

Initially created to help guide the 2018 Forum Local and Social Committee for gatherings during the 2018 DLF Forum, we hope this checklist will be helpful to people planning and organizing other events. While you will likely not be able to answer all of these questions in the affirmative for all venues, by confirming this information and sharing it with attendees, you can help to make sure that attendees can make informed decisions about what venues to visit and that there are at least some venues for all needs included among any affiliated social events.

DLF is committed to creating and supporting inclusive, diverse, and equitable communities of practice. We expect participants in the DLF community to help create thoughtful, safe, and respectful environments where that interaction can take place. All attendees of DLF-sponsored events on and off the conference site are required to follow the Code of Conduct.

Please review the DLF Social Event Checklist for more information. We thank all who have contributed to the creation of this document. To offer suggestions, please comment on the working document or contact [log in to unmask].


Carli Spina

on behalf of the 2018 DLF Forum Inclusivity Committee

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