Hi Steven,

A major local library services provider here is starting to use CaiaSoft ( I will soon be working with
them to build an interface between our systems. I have spoken to a friendly
technical support person at Caia, and they seem to still be in that phase
of customer base-building where they're willing to customize
implementations. They also provide an api in addition to a direct
management interface.

In-house, we will be using our library catalog combined with a ticketing
system to manage requests. Every item that goes into offsite storage has a
barcode and an item record in the catalog. Offsite storage has its own
location codes. Depending on the functionality available in your ILS, you
may want to treat the offsite facility as a separate branch. You may also
not need the extra ticketing system if you have an api or direct write
access to your ILS database.

We like the extra system for reflecting the offsite system's statuses,
error reports, etc. in a way that we can tag, assign, etc. ourselves. Plus,
we discovered that our hold request ids will change given certain staff or
user actions, so having a separate system allows us to assign our own
unique id to a request. I was told that Caia can keep that unique request
id and return it with reports, such as when the book is returned.

What we will feel is truly necessary with Caia remains to be seen, but
upgrading our management of offsite requests is a big project on my plate
right now, so I would love to see what others have to say as well. (We are
also a member of ReCAP which uses GFA.)


Lisa Genoese
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On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 4:57 PM, Turner, Steven <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi Folks - I am trying to locate a commercial or open source off-site
> storage inventory software. I have searched the archives and could not find
> a definitive answer / list or discussion. So I am curious, what do other
> libraries use to track physical items in off-site store (eg, locations
> within the storage facility, barcode scanning, management, tracking, etc.)?
> — We have a soon-to-be deprecated custom solution written by a vendor —
> * I am aware that there is the GFA software system, but that is about it.
> * I am aware there are commercial systems like Asset Panda than can be
> licensed by user (rather than by item, which is how many folks use Asset
> Panda)
> However, I would love to know what other folks use, whether it’s
> home-grown, for some successful implementation of a vendor product.
> Thanks so much!
> Steven
> Steven Turner, MLIS
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