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We’ve a couple questions throughout the day about who should be contacted re:the statement which I’d emailed on contingent labor and term positions. The email I sent today was briefer than one which I had sent to our working group, and I’m going to expand a little so people know whom to contact about what.

The statement was put out by the current leadership of the DLF community's working group for labor. I initiated this group in very early 2017 using their toolkit, and it’s also currently also co-facilitated by Sandy Rodriguez and Amy Wickner. Sandy and I are leading research and writing on contingent positions and Amy on Valuing Labor. Our overall work can be found here.

and we’ll be presenting updates at the forum, particularly our new research agenda on valuing labor—thanks to Amy!

Unfortunately, Melissa Chalmers had to take a leave of absence from the group’s leadership.

Because of the short timeframe in which we wanted to write our statement of support, Sandy, Amy, and I did not have an opportunity to run this by the working group as a whole. So we did not review it with the group or ask for signatures of the time, and we are not opening it to additional signatories, either within our group or from outside. We appreciate the thought and recommend, as we did to the group, that others sign support onto the original letter instead. 

Like all working groups, we use space provided by the DLF, but aren’t a permanent part of the entity, so we can’t be reached through their email.  They’re kind enough to forward, but I’m  the primary contact person on this point, with my email address at [log in to unmask]

Thanks very much everyone for your interest, I’ve just arrived at a work event and I may be slow to respond to emails. 

In solidarity,

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