I learned the basics when I was a cataloger.  It went something like this:

Use SQL to query catalog database to identify some bit of bad data.  Fix
data manually.
Use SQL to query as above. Decide there's gotta be an easier way to fix,
identify a tool and learn enough to fix with a script.
Use SQL to query, use script to fix, decide we need a regular report to
identify new records with the bad data, learn about cron to automate,
logging, email reports.

I find it much more motivating to learn by fixing an existing problem or
make an existing workflow more efficient and hands-off.  Once you start
thinking about problems in that way, the specific tools/languages/etc
should be whatever makes sense.  Eventually you build up a pool of
experience that makes every next project a little easier than the last

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> Hi all,
> I'm new to the list serv and am trying to build up my knowledge base for
> learning more coding skills that I can apply to my library and my work. I'd
> love to hear your best recommendations for teaching myself new tech skills,
> where to learn said skills, and which skill sets you've found most useful.
> For reference, I have a cataloging background and am just dipping my toes
> into the wacky world of SQL queries, and I'm kinda loving it and want to
> play more.
> Thanks in advance!
> Athina
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