Does anyone know of an application *that runs on Mac* and would let us do
the following?

1. Edit and validate JSON schemas
2. Generate test/"blank" records from an existing JSON schema
3. Edit and validate XML schemas
4. Nice to have but not necessary: convert from XML to JSON for schema &

We know of XMLSpy which does all the above, but unfortunately it only runs
on PCs. Everything we're working with right now is Mac except for a loaner
laptop we borrowed temporarily to run XMLSpy.  We've been using XMLSpy to
do conversion to JSON and generate records, which we've then been working
with in oXygen on our Mac computers but for obvious reasons that's not a
great long-term system.  In theory we shouldn't need to convert the schema
from XML to JSON again so number 4 above is not really necessary, but just
putting it out there in case!

We've been searching around online but not finding much, and before we take
more extreme measures we thought we'd check here and see if anyone knew of
an option we were missing.

Thanks in advance!

Hannah Calkins
Metadata Librarian
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics