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> I'm interested and would attend a DC area meeting.
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] natural language processing, text mining, and machine
> learning at the university of notre dame
> The library here at the University of Notre Dame has been awarded a grant
> from the IMLS on the topic of natural language processing, text mining, and
> machine learning, and in the end we will be looking for possible
> partnerships with others who want to exploit these same technologies.
> Here is a blurb describing our planning grant:
>   Investigating the national need for library based topic modeling
>   discovery systems [1]
>   The University of Notre Dame is seeking an IMLS planning grant to
>   convene a diverse community during the 2019 calendar year that
>   will contribute to conceptualization of digital tools that
>   support the creation and dissemination of cross-disciplinary
>   research. The grant would enable us to conduct a series of
>   workshops as venues for the collaboration of domain experts,
>   librarians, and computer science specialists.
>   The goals are to understand their unique current practices and to
>   identify possibilities to use topic modeling and NLP to enhance
>   or augment current library classification in order to meet
>   current cross-disciplinary research needs. The target community
>   includes small and large and public and academic libraries and
>   institutions.
> To accomplish our goals we will be hosting four regional, day-long
> meetings in Notre Dame, Palo Alto, New York City, and Washington, DC during
> the next six to nine months. Each meeting will be attended by: 1) content
> experts from any number of different domains (political science, economics,
> history, etc.), 2) computer scientists, 3) and librarians. The meetings
> will be a combination of show & tell, discussions, and hands-on activities.
> By the end of each meeting we hope to answer two questions. To what degree
> do you think things like NLP can be used to better facilitate
> cross-disciplinary research? And if so, then what set of prioritized
> features/functions do think are desirable?
> We will then write the obligatory white paper, do our best to disseminate
> the results, and if successful, look for partners who would like to help
> create the desirable system.
> Watch this space for further details, but if you think you might want to
> participate or have any suggestions, then please do not hesitate to drop me
> a line.
> [1] a complete description of the grant is available from the IMLS -
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