Someone just forwarded me an article about Edge ( ) ... maybe it's not as bad as I thought?  I think the era of an enterprise browser is over, but then all the grinchy IT departments that put the fear of using anything besides IE into people... sigh. 

Thanks all for feedback - any addition is  definitely welcome!

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I recently read a very good (and relatable) rant on another mailing list which began with the words: "A pox on all web browsers..." It was about the experimental code & changing feature sets that you find with most browsers.

In that discussion, someone said that Safari is probably the best, except it also has problems when encountering Microsoft-centric websites. Of course that's not helpful when your library only has Windows machines.

We have to constantly troubleshoot for various browsers interacting with various databases, websites etc. And of course it sometimes depends on which operating systems the person is using which browser (and which version) with.

Our IT dept also mandated IE back in the day, but they now know that's not a real solution. It's ironic though when you have some services that ONLY work with IE ... while most services/platforms work better with any other browser than IE.


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I can say that from the web accessibility perspective, the recommended testing suite is Firefox for the browser and NVDA as the screen reader (plus keyboard navigation testing in general). This is due to FF and NVDA sticking the closest generally to the W3C specifications. 

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Hi All,
In the olden days, my IT department more or less mandated IE as the only supported browser. Everything had to work on IE and you could install others but you were on your own. So then more and more people wanted Macs and they weren't super supported until the director said he wanted a Mac.

Anyway, years later, some of our tools work best on FF.  Full SharePoint functionality requires a browser that is essentially dead. We have an enterprise video streaming tool that keeps promising to offer something other than Flash... sigh.

Do you all support the major browsers equally? FF, Chrome, Edge, Safari? Do you primarily support one browser but allow others?

If you are in an environment that has some tools that need one browser and other tools that need another browser, how do you communicate that? Do you alter the environment such that links open in the appropriate browser (can be done in Chrome, I think?)

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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