Over the weekend, I watched a movie about being in eighth grade that really captured the essence of the middle school experience in all its wonderful, vulnerable, insanely awkward glory.


I’m sure some of you were cool kids back then, but I most definitely was not. On the contrary—I was the girl wearing purple jeans who played the marimba in band and hid out in the school library taking ‘Accelerated Reader’ tests on every book I’d ever read to avoid talking to people at lunch. (A pastime that totally blew up in my face: I accidentally earned the most AR points in the entire school and was crowned ‘queen’ for a day. I had to get up on a stage and accept an award. Disaster.)


Let’s all take a moment to reflect on how wonderful it is to be old, shall we? Then have a look at last week’s submissions to the DLF Jobs Board:



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Yours in wisdom and maturiosity,




Becca Quon

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