NISO is offering a two-part webinar on the the topic of libraries and funding. Next Wednesday, October 10, the focus will be Library Funding and Successful Advocacy; on October 17, the focus will be Strategic Approaches to Funding Scholarly Initiatives. Sign up now for this two-part program which opens next week!


NISO Two Part Webinar, Finding The Funding

October 10 and October 17, 2018, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Eastern, US & Canada)


This event will look at the messaging, media platforms, policymaking, agency, and tensions involved when librarians become funding advocates. It will also examine social media and effective practices related to navigating participatory networks.


Aside from funding libraries themselves, there are many innovative projects that might never be accomplished without the support of grants from foundations of various sizes and sorts. What are the current trends? The speakers in this event will identify and examine those trends and share their possible impact on the academic environment.


Part 1 of this Webinar, Library Funding and Successful Advocacy, will be held on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.


Confirmed speakers include: David Rothman, Co-founder, and Corilee Christou, Director of Publisher and Library Relations Emeritus, Library Endowment; Lance Werner, Executive Director, Kent District Library; and Alan Inouye, Director of the Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP), American Library Association.

Those speakers will be addressing the following:


Title: Today’s Essential Library Advocacy--and a Search for Tomorrow’s Carnegies

The for-profit model very much has its place in the book world, but Amazon must not replace public libraries. From computer classes to countless forms of community engagement, today's libraries are about far more than just books and other content. But how to pay for it all? 


Our presentation praises essential library advocacy from ALA and others, but warns of the folly of not also working toward a national library endowment in an era of limited upside from public funding. The proposed nonprofit would not replace tax money, just augment it with a focus on the poorest communities without adequate tax and donor bases. The endowment would also help pay for innovations benefiting libraries everywhere, such as two intertwined national digital library systems for public/K-12 and academia. Money would come from interested members of the super rich; by one estimate, more than 20 trillion dollars will be available for philanthropy over the next half century, and libraries must not miss out on their share.


Title: The Value of Personal Relationships in Advocacy

The Value of Personal Relationships in Advocacy” strives to alter library professionals’ perception of advocacy and remove the mystique. Often seen as formal and intimidating, advocacy does not have the be daunting, rather, it can be natural and an expression of self by emphasizing the relationship aspect and by finding your niche. From patrons, to local officials, relationships and “the mushy stuff” matter.


Title: Library Funding: A National Perspective

This segment will address library funding at the national level. There is a natural inclination towards “library” programs but how can we conceptualize “library funding” more broadly to open up more possibilities? What opportunities exist within the federal sector and beyond? This discussion will use these questions as underlying themes to examine the current state and future directions for library funding, in both a pragmatic and conceptual way.


Part 2 of this Webinar, Strategic Approaches to Funding Scholarly Initiatives, will be held on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. 


Confirmed speakers include: Raym Crow, Senior Consultant, SPARC, Phil Ward, Deputy Director, Research Services, University of Kent, Kate Tkacik, Director of Network Engagement, The Foundation Center, Angi Faiks, Associate Library Director, and Ron Joslin, Librarian, Macalester College. 


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