Following my email of 29 October [1], an additional three people have
volunteered to act as onsite duty officers during the 2019 conference:

Karen Coyle
Justin Coyne
Hardy Pottinger

As with the first call for comments, if there are any concerns surrounding
these additional volunteers, please use this anonymous form at Feedback remains welcome regarding any
of the volunteers mentioned in the 29 October email as well.

Feedback will be reviewed by 2018 duty officers Christie Peterson <
[log in to unmask]> and Galen Charlton <[log in to unmask]>, who may also
be directly emailed individually or separately.  The specifics of any
feedback received will be held in strictest confidence.

It is important to note that if the final list of volunteers varies from
this and any other preliminary list, it may be due to any number of
personal or professional reasons and not necessarily related to any
information received during this comment period.

This second feedback period will close on November 28, 2018 at 2200 UTC.
The LPC will take any concerns into consideration in finalizing the Duty
Officer list.



Galen Charlton
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