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Issue 42 of the Code4Lib Journal is now available for your delectation.
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Editorial Edit
Andrew Darby

EnviroPi: Taking a DIY Internet-of-Things approach to an environmental
monitoring system
Monica Maceli

Improving Enterprise Content Findability through Strategic Intervention
Rebecca Townsend, Camille Mathieu

Wayfinding Serendipity: The BKFNDr Mobile App
Valeda Dent, Kiichi Takeuchi, Ben Turner, Heather Ball, Caroline Fuchs, Ann
Jusino, Shilpa Karnik

Automated Playlist Continuation with Apache PredictionIO
Jim Hahn

Piloting a Homegrown Streaming Service with IaaS
Robert T. Wilson and Ellen Dubinsky

Preparing Existing Metadata for Repository Batch Import: A Recipe for a
Fickle Food
William Roy and Chris Gray

OneButton: A Link Resolving Application to Guide Users to Optimal
Fulfillment Options
Lauren Magnuson, Karl Stutzman, Roger Peters, Noah Brubaker

Analyzing EZproxy SPU Logs Using Python Data Analysis Tools
Brighid M. Gonzales

Alma Enumerator: Automating repetitive cataloging tasks with Python
Wesley Teal

Using Static Site Generators for Scholarly Publications and Open
Educational Resources
Chris Diaz

Analysis of 2018 International Linked Data Survey for Implementers
Karen Smith-Yoshimura

Andrew Darby
Head, Web & Application Development
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