If you are using, or thinking of using, validation for your graph-based
(RDF/OWL) data, this is worth looking at. The two RDF validation
standards are SHACL, which is mainly used through the TopBraid
implementation, and this one, Shape Expressions (ShEx). Note that SHACL
is a W3C Recommendation and has "official" status, while ShEx is the
output from a community group. Some of the same people were involved
with both and there has been some work to make sure that they have
equivalent features.

ShEx has both a JSON version as well as a very compact language (ShExC)
that is much clearer, once learned, than the SPARQL-based SHACL. You can
alternate between ShExC and ShExJ (JSON) in the primer to get a better
picture of what ShEx can do. I also recommend looking at the ShEx homepage:

because it includes links to tutorials and gives information about


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Subject: 	[ANN] Shape Expressions 2.1 release candidate
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The ShEx Community Group would like to invite public review of three
 * Shape Expressions (ShEx) Primer
 * Shape Expressions Language 2.1
 * Shape Expressions Test Suite 2.1 including: 1088 validation tests,
99 negative syntax tests, 14 negative structure tests and 408 schema
conversion tests between ShExC, ShExJ and ShExR.

The test suite has an Implementation Report including 4 of the 5

ShEx 2.1 is backwards compatible with ShEx 2.0. The major changes include:
 * Added IMPORT functionality (round-trips between ShExC, ShExJ and ShExR).
 * Added language support in value sets.
 * Updated definition of semantics to clarify recursion.
 * Added annotations and semantic actions to node constraints.
 * ShExC grammar allows ()s around simple TripleConstraints.
 * Added hundreds of tests of schema, validation and structure tests.
 * Multi-line comments (/* … */).

For feature requests please note the features in the milestone: 

Comments and feedback are welcome on 
 * the ShEx Community Group mailing list: [log in to unmask]
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> / 
 * the ShEx Community Group Gitter channel: 

Readers may also wish to join the ShEx Community Group:

 * Andra Waagmeester
 * Dimitris Kontokostas
 * Eric Prud’hommeaux
 * Gregg Kellogg
 * Harold Solbrig
 * Iovka Boneva
 * Jérémie Dusart
 * Jose Emilio Labra Gayo
 * Katherine Thornton
 * Lucas Werkmeister
 * Michael Cochez
 * Tom Baker

Kontokostas Dimitris