Call For Proposals Deadline this Friday, November 30, 2018.

The D4D Program Planning committee is currently seeking 3-hour workshops, 90-minute seminars, 45-minute sessions and 20-minute short talks on:

Tools & Methods

UX in Practice

Service & Physical Space Design

Trends, Emerging Issues & the Future of Design

Leadership & Organizational Strategies.

For a detailed list of the topics covered at D4D:

-- Designing for Digital Planning Collaborators<>


D4D<> is a design conference that aims to approach the library digital experience from a holistic point of view. We consider library services, physical layout, and overall strategy starting with a variety of users and use cases. The conference is meant to bring together UX professionals, web designers, managers, researchers, strategists and librarians of all types to examine the current user's experience of the library and design the future of libraries in the modern, digital world.