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Manager, Library/Scholarly Technology Labs

Location: University of Rhode Island Libraries, Kingston, RI
Pay Grade Range: $53,032 - $66,347

Duties and Responsibilities

APPLICATION DEADLINE: This is an open until filled search. First consideration will be given to applications received by (January 31, 2019). Second consideration may be given to applications received by (February 28, 2019). Applications received subsequent to second consideration date (February 28, 2019) may not be given full consideration.


Responsible for managing the day-to-day operation and coordinating all programs and events of technology-driven learning spaces of the URI Libraries, such as the makerspace and the AI Lab, with comprehensive understanding of all tools, machinery, and safety protocols. Recruit, schedule, train, and supervise laboratory staff and student workers and evaluate the space usage and the program effectiveness on an ongoing basis for continuous improvement. This position reports to the Library Chief Technology Officer (CTO).


Shape, develop, and propose workshops, events, and new program elements; Plan, organize, and promote programs and events; Evaluate the outcome for future planning.
Work with faculty administrators and advising committee regarding lab operations, financials, improvements, and challenges.
Ensure best practices in the makerspace lab, AI lab, and other technology-driven learning spaces; Foster an interdisciplinary learning environment and a culture of critical making and innovation.
Assist the URI students, faculty, and other users when they are designing projects involving the use of the libraries’ technology-driven learning spaces.
Track and document learning and teaching activities, projects, and course- or research-related lab usage that take place for reports and future promotion/outreach.
Schedule and provide tours for classes and administrators; Manage the tour schedule and contacts; Train and assign part-time or student workers for tours as appropriate.
Update and maintain the relevant web pages, Wiki, and social media channels for the URI Libraries’ technology-driven learning spaces.
Maintain active presence on communication channels such as Slack and train and encourage student workers to do the same.
Responsible for properly operating equipment; Create instructions for users; Train student workers.
Train lab staff and student workers in diagnosing issues, troubleshooting, and repairing the equipment.
Stay familiar and up-to-date with most common software used in the makerspace with the minimum requirement of being able to open/run/save a project with basic edits.
Facilitate equipment/software changes; Install firmware and/or software updates and add-ons in a timely manner; Coordinate and maintain software licenses in collaboration with URI ITS.
Maintain the current and future equipment in the library makerspace in good working order including 3D printers, VR (Virtual Reality) systems, a laser cutter, and other equipment (new equipment may be added as the space grows and users’ needs evolve); Contact vendors regarding maintenance contracts and complex repair/troubleshooting to resolve issues in a timely manner.
Responsible for safety policies and ensure compliance with safety standards including hazardous material reporting.
Recruit, train, and manage part-time and/or student workers and create the staffing schedule for the libraries’ technology-drive learning spaces.
Post and update the staffing schedule for each semester on the library webpage and other relevant venues; Keep the library faculty and staff interacting with the public informed regarding any changes.
Compile usage statistics, evaluate the space usage and the program effectiveness, and prepare reports on an ongoing basis for continuous improvement.
Perform general planning for the budget, resources, and future operations of the labs; Keep track of the use of supplies; Order parts and consumables; Keep track of all purchasing paperwork.
Work with the URI Business Office and other offices such as Purchasing, Human Resources, and Sponsored Research.

Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
Personal computers, printers, and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook); 3D Printers, 3D scanners, VR (Virtual Reality) systems, and other technology equipment to be added in the future; 3D modeling applications and Adobe Creative suite.


1) Bachelor’s degree.

2) Minimum two years of experience working with technology in an educational setting.

3) Demonstrated knowledge of makerspace-related technologies.

4) Demonstrated ability to learn and apply new technologies and to effectively assist others in learning them.

5) Demonstrated strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

6) Demonstrated proficiency in written communication skills.

7) Demonstrated supervisory experience.

8) Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and with minimal supervision.

9) Demonstrated ability to balance multiple priorities in a deadline-driven environment.

10) Demonstrated attention to detail and organizational skills.

11) Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.

Preferred Qualifications


1) Master’s degree.

2) Demonstrated budgeting experience.

3) Demonstrated work experience in a makerspace or a lab setting.

4) Demonstrated experience working with undergraduate and/or graduate students.

5) Demonstrated experience in program development, and management.

6) Demonstrated experience with assessment and evaluation.

7) Demonstrated ability to interpret and apply institutional policies, plans, objectives, rules, and regulations and to communicate that to others.

Special Instructions to Applicants

Please attach the following 2 (PDF) documents to your online Employment Application:

(#1) Cover letter.

(#2) Resume, which should include the names and contact information of three professional references (as one complete document).


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