Hey, Code4Lib!

Ellie Collier, Madeline Dale and I will be presenting a preconference
titled, “When in Rome: Bringing Silicon Valley Startup Methods to Library
We’ve been prepping for this session and are really excited about what
we’re bringing!  We wanted to share a little more details as we’ve ironed
them out to help you make a decision on attending it:

   - You’ll come with your own challenges to work on, or borrow one of our
   - During the session, we’ll focus on proposing creative solutions to
   problems and then challenging our assumptions about how those solutions
   address user needs.
   - Those assumptions can be tested through the in-workshop production of
   prototypes – cheap, fast, easy – providing a route to learn and know what
   will succeed and what won’t before investing significant effort.

The content will be applicable for librarians at all levels in the
organization – developers, administration, and even single-librarian
shops.  It’s all about enabling creativity and finding ways to place the
right bets on what will work.

As a gift, we’ll be providing copies of the book The Startup Way
to all attendees who register by February 8th – it's a key source for the
way we’ve come to innovate.  We hope to see *more* successful information
in the community, and we believe very much that the concepts presented in
our workshop and in this book will help.

Thanks for considering coming to our workshop!!

   - Ellie, Madeline, and Eric (and Mike, who was participating in a paper
   prototype design session below)

[image: FunBuilding.jpeg]