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Drawing from productive sessions at the DLF Forum as well as virtual meetings, DLF working groups have a lot planned for 2019!

Recent News

  • Representatives from the DLF Assessment Interest Group (AIG) participated in IRUS-USA pilot project, sponsored by Jisc and CLIR/DLF. This group performed an assessment for the pilot project and shared their results at the 2018 Library Assessment Conference in December 2018. Pilot results and findings will be share in a conference proceeding “Bringing IRUS to the USA: International Collaborations,” which the LAC conference will make available in 2019.

  • The Professional Research Ethics subgroup of the DLF Technologies of Surveillance Working Group created an explainer and glossary document related to privacy in the context of patron data for professional research purposes, “Ethics in Research Use of Library Patron Data: Glossary and Explainer.”  

  • This week, DLF and the HBCU Library Alliance announced the first of three annual cohorts of Authenticity Project fellows. The fifteen individuals, who work in libraries and archives at historically black colleges and universities, will meet regularly both virtually and in person at the 2019 DLF Forum.

Save the Date: 13 October - 17 October 2019! DLF Forum, Learn@DLF, and NDSA's Digital Preservation 2019 will be held in Tampa, FL.

Calls for Participation

  • Drawing from the work of the DLF Forum Inclusivity Committee, our new, year-round DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion will aim to build and support more inclusive, diverse, and equitable communities of practice. Interested in learning more and volunteering? Please visit our website!

  • Get to know others working on digital preservation, collections and museum libraries management, rights management, teaching, user engagement and more—across the cultural heritage sector in our new DLF Museums Cohort! Anyone interested is invited participate in meetings and activities. Learn how to get involved here.

  • Assessment Interest Group: Check out the notes from the DLF Forum AIG session and working breakfast, and stay tuned for call for participation emails in the coming month on the Digital Library Assessment Google group! Over the course of the coming year, DLF AIG working groups will pursue initiatives as varied as conducting research and literature reviews, collecting and analyzing data, and authoring whitepapers and best practice guidelines for different areas of library assessment. Participation is open to anyone interested in learning about or collaborating on the improvement of digital library assessment.

  • Do you have metadata questions? Would you like to talk to other metadata creators about problems, issues, or conundrums you encounter? Sign up for the Metadata Support Group (MSG) on Slack.

  • Do you teach with digital library resources or how to use digital library tools? Please join our growing group of practitioners in the DLF Digital Library Pedagogy Group! We are an active and welcoming group that has many ongoing initiatives. One great way to get involved is to attend a #DLFteach Twitter chat; there are six each year. You can even sign up to host a Twitter chat on a pedagogy-themed topic of your choice! Learn all about our group and what we do on the DLF wiki, join our Google Group for updates, and drop in our #DLFteach office hours on Slack every Tuesday afternoon, 2-3pm ET.

Upcoming Events

  • January 18, 1 - 2:30 PM ET: DLF Government Records & Transparency Working Group meeting

  • January 22, 10 - 11 AM ET: DLF Technologies of Surveillance: Advocacy subgroup meeting

  • January 23, 2 - 3 PM ET: DLF Museums Cohort meeting

  • January 28, 3 - 4 PM ET: DLF Assessment Interest Group: Cost Assessment meeting

  • January 31, 1 - 2 PM ET: DLF Technologies of Surveillance: Instruction and Outreach subgroup meeting

  • January 31, 1 - 2 PM ET: DLF Assessment Interest Group: Metadata Assessment Working Group meeting

  • February 25 - March 1: Endangered Data Week is a collaborative effort, coordinated across campuses, nonprofits, libraries, citizen science initiatives, and cultural heritage institutions, to shed light on public datasets that are in danger of being deleted, repressed, mishandled, or lost. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events!

  • March 1, 2 - 4 PM ET: DLF Government Records Transparency & Accountability Group is hosting a panel on state violence, justice, and endangered data. More information will be posted on soon!

  • Ongoing, every Tuesday, 9 - 11 AM ET: DLF Teach Office Hours on Slack. This is a time that cookbook contributors can use for co-working and that anyone can use to connect to a community of digital library pedagogy practitioners.

Our community calendar covers DLF group meeting calls (click the event for more information on joining!) as well as events relevant to Digital Libraries and Archives, Digital Humanities, and Digital Museums, as well as a growing number of Open Science and Digital Publishing events worldwide.

DLF groups are open to all, regardless of membership, so if you’re interested in participating, subscribe to email lists, join upcoming online meetings and Twitter chats, attend working sessions, and provide input on working group projects. Think a colleague or another group would be interested in DLF working group projects? Please share this newsletter widely!

If you have any questions for the DLF Team, please write to [log in to unmask]. For more information on individual groups, please contact the group’s facilitator or join the group’s main communication platform (i.e., Google Group, listserv, Slack, etc.).

Support for DLF groups comes from our member organizations. Membership is open to any organization engaged in building or using digital libraries.

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