We're working on a roadmap for making A/V content from Special Collections
accessible. For those of you who have been through this process, you know
that one of the big-ticket items is captions and transcripts. In our
exploration of options, we've found a couple of pretty good auto-captioning
solutions. Their accuracy is about as good as what you'd get from
performing OCR on scanned book pages, which libraries do all the time. One
possibility is to perform auto-captioning on all items and then provide
hand-captioning upon request for the specific items where a patron needs
better captions.

This idea will be better supported if we know what our peer institutions
are doing... so what are you doing? Thanks to those to whom I've reached
out personally; your information has helped tremendously. Now I'd like to
find out from others how they've handled this issue.

Thank you,


Carol Kassel
Senior Manager, Digital Library Infrastructure
NYU Digital Library Technology Services
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