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Is this for a public performance or to show in class? A regular DVD is fine to show in class as long as the only participants are the students enrolled. If this is a public performance, Swank Motion Pictures ( and Criterion Pictures ( can license a movie for a single showing.  

Swank and Kanopy are two platforms you can use to license films for a full year, which would be password protected the way other library databases are. Alexander Street Press AVON (Academic Video Online) and Films on Demand are two platforms with educational streaming video.

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] add DRM to DVD or video file? (also, streaming media vendors?)

A librarian wants to give a faculty member a copy of a video file for one-time use (either delivered directly as a digital file, or burned onto a DVD) that they can be sure will be destroyed after that one use. I don't think that's truly possible, but wondered if other libraries are using particular DRM solutions to at least make it more difficult/unlikely for patrons to create and retain copies. Everything I've been able to find via Google is either an elaborate/expensive "enterprise solution," or seems vaguely shady. (It doesn't help that no matter how I word the search, Google wants to tell me how to *break* DRM much more than how to add it.)

For the long term, a streaming media vendor where media can be password-protected might be a solution, so I'm also interested in info on those. The searches I've done so far seem to lead back to Panopto and Vimeo; is anyone using anything else? 

thanks in advance for any information,
-carrie preston