I recently presented at Internet Librarian on a FOSS web app I built which creates Bootstrap (3.3.7) components for use in LibGuides (here at ND) and/or other Bootstrap 3-enabled LMSs. Thought I’d share. 

We are beginning to use this here at ND to create more usable guides by leveraging all the cool functionality baked into Bootstrap 3 (that most Librarians are never aware of), such as Alerts <> or List Groups <> or Accordions <> (e.g., for FAQs). 

The value proposition is that even if you’re only barely familiar with HTML, you can create BS accordions, say, focusing only on the text nodes (in white) and ignore all the code (colored) around it. You can just generate that table, with visual preview, pop it into LibGuides and it just works!

You can also use it, as we do in our Library Hackathons, to help students get a good start on a whole front end. Again, it’s free and open-source with the tool itself hosted on github-pages... <>

...if you’d just like to “use” the Bootsrap.r tool.
For the repo, see the footer. 


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