*The first release candidate for JHOVE 1.22 is now available for community
testing at*:

JHOVE is an open source file format identification, validation and
characterisation tool for digital preservation, and part of the OPF
reference toolset

The major new features of this release are the addition of error IDs and
the separation of modules from the installation. There are now permanent
and unique IDs for all JHOVE error and information messages. This means
error catching need no longer be done by string matching.

The modules are now individually versioned and packaged so users can now
select, keep and update modules as they choose. This has meant making
changes to every one of JHOVE's main modules.

Draft release notes document all the fixes and features of JHOVE 1.22-RC
Feedback welcome

We invite the community to download and test the release candidate. If you
think you find a bug, please report it on the JHOVE issue tracker on GitHub
<> or contact us
<> with any feedback.

We will also continue internal testing of the release candidate and there
may be a few small changes before the public production release on 18 March

Our thanks go to all the contributors and the OPF Product Board for their
ongoing input and feedback.

JHOVE is maintained by the Open Preservation Foundation
<>. JHOVE is open source, free to download, to
use and to modify. However, it is not free to host, maintain, support or
develop. JHOVE is one of the most widely-used digital preservation tools,
but currently, only OPF members support JHOVE financially as part of their
membership fees. If you use JHOVE, please consider supporting its

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