Hi Sebastian,

I used to manage the website at Yale's medical library and oversaw a couple of redesigns. Have you reached out yet to the Online Platforms<> team at Syracuse? It looks like they specialize in Wordpress, but they may have recommendations for Drupal vendors, since a lot of web shops do both Drupal and WP.

If you decide to go with an external vendor, will be a good place to look for example ads for Drupal themers, to search for vendors, and to post your ad.

For a custom Drupal theme from an external vendor, I'd budget at least a couple thousand dollars… that seemed to be the going rate back when Yale Libraries was looking at a re-theme last year.

Andy Hickner, MSI

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Website Design/UX -- Example job ads & recommendations?

Hi everyone,

we're looking to update the look & feel of our website ( and I'm in the process of putting out a call to designers & contacting some.

The site is half Drupal, half Dataverse, but we're really looking mainly for UX and design advice & implementation, not for big changes in the tech (which we're happy with and have good in-house devs for). Three questions:

1) Does anyone have examples of ads or descriptions they have used successfully for similar projects?

2) Anyone have recommendations for designers/design firms they've worked with and have been happy with?

3) Any advice on pricing? Obviously we'll get a couple of offers and price is part of comparison shopping, but I'd like to have a little better idea of what I'm looking to budget.

Thanks so much in advance!



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