Thanks, Chuck! This is really useful. 

One question, after installing Ubuntu on the Dells, did you have any issues with drivers? Lenovo noted that the wireless modem in their models (and speakers/mics in others) didn't work with Ubuntu and required a 2nd boot to get them up and running. 

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Hi Junior,
We do loan linux laptops. We are using dell laptops. They came with windows, but linux runs fine on them. We install Ubuntu in OEM mode so that patrons can set up their own accounts when they get the laptops. When the laptops are returned we just clone our master copy of the OS making sure everything is brand new for the next patron. We use clonezilla to do this.
That being said, there are a number of vendors that do have linux preloaded. Dell has their XPS13 developer model (,
System76 has linux native laptops (, as do purism ( and think penguin ( Even HP is now offering linux laptops (

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> Hi all,
> Does your library loan Linux laptops? If so, I was wondering if anyone 
> had any vendor recommendations.
> I was planning on using Lenovo, but their machines don't have Linux 
> pre-installed and there are driver issues with some of their systems.
> Best,
> Junior
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