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Sending on behalf of a colleague:

Are you passionate about science communication, preprint practices, and
scholarly networks? Are you interested in collaborating with our
international team of scholarly communications researchers?

The ScholCommLab <> and ASAPbio <>
are seeking a Visiting Scholar to collaborate with us on a project about
preprints uptake and use (details below). This funded position is open to
faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students interested in
joining us for a 2-4 month research stay at our lab in downtown Vancouver,

*About the Project*

Preprinting in the life sciences has grown rapidly in recent years but
still represents a very small fraction (<3%) of the biomedical literature
published each year. Existing data sources and monitors present indicators
of growth in broad research areas and large regions. However, more
localised and specific data is needed to support many different communities
to have conversations about the productive use of preprints and to identify
best practices in preprinting — both are key functions in ASAPbio’s work to
advance preprinting in the life sciences. ASAPbio and the ScholCommLab are
collaborating to better understand the status of preprint adoption and
impact in specific research communities. More information about the project
is available here <>.

*To Apply*

We are accepting applications until the position is filled, but please
apply with a cover letter, CV, and two references (name and contact
information only) by Mar 15, 2019 for full consideration in the program.
For more information, vist

*About Us*

The ScholCommLab is a research group that analyzes all aspects of scholarly
communication in the digital age. Find out more at

ASAPbio is a scientist-driven non-profit promoting transparency and
innovation in life science communication. Find out more at

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Juan Pablo Alperin

Co-director, ScholCommLab


Naomi Penfold

Associate Director, ASAPbio