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Monday, March 4, 2019

Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF) announces 2019 Professional Development Grant Recipient

The Board of Directors of the Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF) is pleased to present the winter 2019 VRAF Professional Development Grant in the amount of $1000 to Dr. Claudy Op den Kamp, Senior Lecturer in Film at the Faculty Member Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management, Bournemouth University.

Claudy Op den Kamp, plans on utilizing the funds to attend the 2019 Visual Resources Association (VRA) National Conference, which will be in Los Angeles, California from March 26-29th. Op den Kamp will be a co-presenter at a session titled, Special Topics in Intellectual Property Rights: Motion Pictures, Archival Footage, and Film in Pedagogy. She will be discussing Intellectual Property Rights interdisciplinary issues in the talk and from her new book, A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects (Cambridge University Press, May 2019) in which she co-edited, designed, researched images and gained image clearances for the publication. The information in this professional development journey is leading her to create a new publication “Object 51: Copyright, Digital Cultural Heritage and Academic Publishing,” which regards the process and production of A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects. Information for the second publication will be gathered at the VRA LA 2019 Conference with the intent to contribute to the wider cultural heritage community.

The VRAF Professional Development Grant Program reflects the broad mission of the VRAF to support professional development in the field of visual resources and cultural heritage information management. The grant can be used to participate in a professional development opportunity of the grantee’s choosing (such as a conference, symposium, workshop, online education), or to enroll in relevant research activities (such as hands-on field work or a site visit for scholarly purposes). For more information about the VRAF, the VRAF Professional Development Grant, and other VRAF programs, please visit


On behalf of the VRAF Board of Directors

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