Join us Tuesday, March 19 2 PM Eastern for our next #DLFteach chat on incorporating info lit (and other literacies) into your DS related instruction.This #DLFteach chat is hosted by Melanie Hubbard (@melaniehubbard7). 

Here are the questions we’ll be discussing:

1: How do you incorporate info lit concepts (ACRL Framework or otherwise) into your DS related instruction? #DLFteach

2: What other literacies are relevant to DS related work? How do you address them in your instruction? #DLFteach

3: What are some DS related assignments that you have given or DS related instruction that you have conducted that have the biggest info lit (and other literacies) learning outcomes? #DLFteach

4: What are the biggest challenges to addressing literacies in DS related instruction? #DLFteach

5: When creating online student projects, how can students seeing themselves as content creators (and not just consumers) enhance their information literacy? #DLFteach

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See you then! 

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