Happy Spring, ToSers,

Please mark your availability (by next Monday, March 22nd) here: for the next Advocacy call (which will be about a month away during the week of April 15th).

Here's where Advocacy stands-- We have begun work on the Advocacy document and I will spend some time this week tightening and redrafting it. Once I know the details for our next call, I will send that info to you as well as a link to a new draft. We will gather feedback from everybody for two to three weeks and then spend call time talking through issues and planning the next(?) draft.

In the meantime, please read this Educause article (via Yasmeen Shorish) which I'm certain will help us scope our work and articulate our concerns.

Thank you all for your work so far,


p.s. During our last call we talked briefly about Jonathan Zittrain's notion of the "fiduciary responsibility of librarians" which is something he has been mentioning bit by bit in his Berkman Klein Youtube talks for a couple of years now, but first really articulated within the Q&A he did with Zuckerberg last month. After we discussed it on our call, I emailed Zittrain and told him about the ToS-Advocacy committee and asked if he has written his idea down anywhere since I wanted to cite it. His answer was basically 'not really' but he pointed me to another piece he wrote on Medium about libraries that I enjoyed reading. If we have time during our next call, I'll give another update on the Zittrain correspondence and whether it goes anywhere fruitful.

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