Hi Buddy - I am partial to our staff directory.


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Our website is built on .NET and we use Oracle to store staff info.

Buddy Pennington
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University of Missouri--Kansas City

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] tools in use for staff directory applications?

Hello Code4Lib,

At Duke University Libraries, we are planning to design/develop a new staff directory application this spring. It seems like this would be a fairly common area of need, but there don't appear to be any widely-adopted solutions out there. So we're interested in learning more about what our peers (y'all) do to power their staff directories.

For some added context, we use Drupal 7 for our website and a growing percentage of the applications we support use Ruby on Rails. We don't have much in-house experience with JS frameworks like Vue or React. Whatever we use to build the directory, it should be able to represent people (with photo, contact info, bio, etc.), display a browsable hierarchy of organizational units, and be widely discoverable and accessible.

Does anyone have a solution they like for their staff directory? What tooling do you use and why? Any words of advice you could share?

Many thanks,

Sean Aery
Digital Projects Developer
Software Services
Duke University Libraries
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