Er... I mean... we tried so hard to use it, but it was so tedious and we weren't even able to get the reports out of it that we wanted in the first place. Plus, our local setup required e-mails to go out to all of the requesters and that was as problematic as you would think it is. 

It's great for our IT help desk and they're now using it for other things like security requests (think requesting a new key)... but it was not a fit for us.

We have gone back to using a custom built SharePoint thingy - and you cringe at that, but, hey, I can export the whole thing into excel and do any kind of analysis I like. Plus, I made just about every field optional so I could get compliance and it's worked great.

Your mileage may vary. This is not a statement by my employer or an endorsement of SharePoint. 

Systems folks from my larger institution are on this list and use Jira even though their campus uses SNow.

Christina - only speaking for myself!

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Two questions about libraries using ServiceNow

Are there any libraries out there using ServiceNow? More specifically…

1.      What and how is your library using ServiceNow to accomplish delivery of library services?

2.      How has it changed/improved services?

I’m aware of its use as a ticketing system for IT-related issues, but is anyone using it to track services? Like research requests? Or as a Reference Desk tracker?

Thanks for your responses.

Regina Avila
NIST Research Library