I played with their Explorer API (v1) a bit for some aggregated statistics to show on our dashboard - worked fine for a few years, then they "upgraded" it to v2 and now:

a)       those aggregated stats are no longer available (it focuses on providing much more fine-grained stats) and

b)      it stopped being programmatic I think? I had to do the search inside Altmetric Explorer and then use the "open results in API" export option and it created a URL which included a "digest" parameter that was unique to any given API call.

(I suggested to them that this latter in particular was Sub-Optimal and that given both points I simply wouldn't be able to use their API any more, and they seem to have taken this as me closing my support call. Symplectic can be very nice people but dealing with their ticketing processes can require a certain degree of assertiveness.)

However I haven't used the Details Page API (other than indirectly - embedding the widgets that presumably rely on it approximately everywhere we're allowed to). As long as what you want to do doesn't require going through the Explorer I'd expect it'll behave like most any other RESTful service.


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To what degree does anybody here have experience with the Altmetric API, and if it is greater than zero, then what is your experience?

Here in the Libraries I am at the very beginnings of an investigation to determine the "impact" of various journal articles. In this case, "impact" is multifaceted and includes things like citations counts as well as mentions in the social media. API access to the Altmetric database may be just the sort of thing I would find useful.

What do y'all think?

[1] Altmetric API -<>

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