Did any of your teachers ever think you’d plagiarized work, in school? It happened to me not once, but twice: in ninth grade English, and again in a college History course. I distinctly remember going in to meet both instructors with sweaty feet and shaky hands, past lectures against plagiarism and the threat of expulsion rattling around in my head.


Luckily, (or more accurately, owing to the fact that I had learned the material backwards and forwards and written very compelling essays), both conversations turned out to be quite pleasant. A meeting about plagiarism, when you’ve actually written the work under examination, is in fact just a fun one-on-one conversation with your teacher where you both nerd out about the same topic—but that doesn’t mean I’d wish similar meetings on anyone!


I do wish you luck though, if you’re on the job hunt. Below you’ll find the positions submitted to our Jobs Board last week:



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