What weird and wonderful relics did you find when you packed up your childhood room? (Or perhaps, is it still a shrine to your youth, as mine was up until last week?) I’ve got to admit, I was dreading the dust and endless stacks of papers, at first—but as I dove in, I found some real treasures.


For instance, a shirt with the phrase “Suck it Trebek!” emblazoned across the front, from when my love of “Jeopardy!” and extremely well-mannered nature was the perfect excuse for my friends to give me birthday presents that would scandalize me. (In case you’ve never seen that SNL skit, or been scandalized by Sean Connery, I highly recommend it.) I also found my old Talkgirl toy, made popular by the ingenious Kevin in Home Alone 2, a cassette still inside. I only made it far enough on the tape to hear my own 9-year-old voice say “welcome to channel 5 news!” before realizing the recording was going to be Kevin’s uncle singing in the shower kinds of painful to hear & hitting eject.


It was fun to dig up all that ancient history. Here are some not-so-ancient job listings for your perusal:



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