Hi ToS-ers,

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual meeting last Thursday. The notes can be found here

If you can, please consider volunteering (ideally at least two people to share the load) to take on one the following tasks that came from our discussion. Perfection is not sought or required for any of these – any effort will help keep us moving forward!

  1. #DLFteach Twitter chat – Help refine our discussion notes into some clearer questions for this event, to be shared with the group before our next meeting.
  2. Investigate criteria/technology to present guide our discussion around creating a hotline-like service (knowledge base/FAQ) for librarians who are seeking information/guidance on privacy matters.
  3. DLF Forum proposals are due April 28 – If you have any ideas/interest on presenting as part of this group, please share!
If you have questions or know that you can help with any of these tasks please let Paige Walker ([log in to unmask]) and Peter Fernandez ([log in to unmask]) know. We are happy to help support in any way we can!

For those interested in submitting a proposal for the DLF Forum, please fill out this Doodle poll: 

Paige and Peter 


Paige Walker
Digital Collections & Preservation Librarian
Boston College

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