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As part of the meeting today, we’ll do a sub-group check-in as well as review a draft submission to DLF’s CFP.

Here’s a link to the draft we have so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p8m9ASqrvU2LTww03tojEwo6ImP0gPqhTcOyWFyhc5c/edit#

Here’s a link to the Zoom meeting: https://ucdenver.zoom.us/j/891420649

If there are permission issues for the link, the text is below:

Session Title

On Technologies of Surveillance: Skills, Strategies, and Ethical Approaches for Interrogating User Data Collection

Session Presenters

Working-group members: Paige Walker, Shea Swauger, Yasmeen Shorish (with possibly Michelle Gibault and Margaret Heller) [this is super flexible! We’re not sure who all is attending DLF so we’ll  talk about this]

Session Abstract (50 words)

This workshop from the Technologies of Surveillance Working Group will have a focus on hands-on learning around the new action-based materials that the Working Group produced in 2019. Participants will work together in creating practical getting-started implementation plans for ethical engagement with technologies of surveillance.

Session Proposal

Many of today’s library technologies operate as vehicles of surveillance, often without the fully informed consent of librarians or library users. These systems and technologies are designed to track and correlate user behavior. This user data is then applied for the purposes of delivering a better user experience, but it can also be used to build profiles of users with the intent of marketing products or reselling data to third-parties. The DLF Technologies of Surveilling Working Group exists to critically examine our relationships with data collection technologies. This group interrogates the methods and ethical implications of these technologies and seeks to establish guidelines for how to operationalize interrogation of technology, wherever we encounter it in our profession.


In this session, members of the DLF Technologies of Surveillance Working Group will provide an update on the materials produced by the group over the previous calendar year, inviting participants to engage with  including new documents, case studies, tools, workflows, and concepts that help support ethical engagement with today’s technologies of surveillance.  The focus of the session will be hands-on learning and feedback activities based around the focus areas of the Working Group: vendor-based systems, library-built systems, professional ethics, advocacy, outreach, and instruction.


Learning outcomes for workshop participants include:


Both options


55-Minute workshop


3-hour Workshop

Session Prep



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