I want to comment on this. Your current approach to soliciting information on this list (and other library listservs) has been poor to the point of disrespectful and potentially harmful. Your first email just provide a link to a survey with no contact information or context while asking for details about a sensitive topic. A key principle in library ethics is respecting the privacy of all people within libraries, and we especially concern ourselves with this regarding reducing risk and harm regarding vulnerable personal information. 

Well-done surveys or studies of sensitive topics with vulnerable populations should always follow, even if there's no institutional obligations, the practices established for ethical human research:

- a clear statement of purpose
- name(s) and contact information of the researcher(s)
- how the information will be used
- how the data will be anonymized and protected

It does not matter if your intent is good. It's the impact that you have on the people you are trying to serve that matters. Do not use your voice to hurt others in the name of a supposed good.

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My very final post here.  The story on sexual harassment in libraries will be available on some library social media sites as well as the decision to post to some general social media sites outside the library profession.  Please share the story if you feel led to do so.  If the moderators of this site would like the link to the story to post here please email me at [log in to unmask]

The story is coming in late June and it will be long and detailed.  It will not be hard to find.  In no way, is the story meant to reflect good or bad.  My job was to follow the story.  All stories are considered to be alleged.  A survey will accompany the story.  

Warning: Parts of the article can be graphic.  

I want to thank everyone here who was patient as I have posted numerous times and numerous things.  I want to thank all the courageous individuals and organizations who decided to associate themselves with a controversial topic and who have  been incredibly patient with all that has taken place in 16 months.  I want to thank all here who answered questions and all who have taken the survey.  

It has been an exhausting but worthwhile 16 months.  I hope this story informs and most importantly, I hope something incredibly positive comes from it.  There have been great writers writing on this topic and I hope those stories are being read.  It is not just in words but also in positive action in which if change is needed that true, real change occurs.  It is not just by one alone but sometimes it takes one to initiate.  Please don’t ever stop using your voice because each of you have power and voices, one way or the other, are eventually heard.  

If you have feedback regarding the story, you can reach me until June 30 at [log in to unmask]