Hi all,

we have a model 803 Digital library assistant from 3M that has not been 
used for some time and it seems to be out-of-order. When I insert the 
battery, the screen lights up, and after some seconds I hear a beep 
which seems to mean that the device has started, but my screen remains 
full lighted but without anything displayed.

The user manual says that in case of blank screen, resetting might be 
the solution. I have just tried it, the device restarts, the beep is 
still there but screen is still empty.

Has any of you encountered the same problem and has any idea on what to 
do ? I suspect that the screen is dead but if you have another option, I 
will be happy to hear it!



Sylvain Machefert - Pôle services numériques
Bibliothèques universitaires - Université Bordeaux Montaigne