Hello Code4lib,

I'm pleased to announce that last night after a year of research and
development the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) released the
first beta of Archipelago, a new open source repository system. Tremendous
thanks to Diego Navarro, our lead developer on the project, as well as
Giancarlo Birello and many others.

Over the course of the next three years, METRO is committed to building a
constellation of Archipelago repositories for our membership as a core
service: multi-tenancy is at the heart of the Archipelago concept. Most
importantly for those on this list, we will be working to build a robust
and healthy community of users and contributors. We hope that many of you
will deploy and use this architecture to suit your own unique use cases.

If you are already using open source repository software.... Samvera,
Islandora, or others... we invite you to take a look at this new
architecture, one that was fresh-built with a clean slate, from the ground
up. Archipelago is the result of years of our shared experience interacting
with myriad different systems.

If you deploy right now, you'll be able to work with:

   - Image/Images (1 or more sequences) with IIIF enabled
   viewer/Openseadragon and Simple HTML as formatters.  Archipelago managed
   images, External referenced Images or mixed.
   - Audio/Audios using HTML5 tags and subtitle tracks + future IIIF AV
   - Video/Videos using HTML5 tags and subtitle tracks + future IIIF AV
   - Panorama(s) via Panellum with hotspots that connect to any other DO.
   - Book(s) via IABR V4 using IIIF, either generated internally from
   Archipelago managed images, Internal IIIF manifest (via our twig template
   caster), External referenced Images or even an External Manifest URI too.
   - PDF(s) via IABR V4 using IIIF (we like the idea of unifying displays,
   no more PDF viewers v/s book viewers)
   - 3D Models. STL, OBJ via custom Three.js scripts.
   - much more coming with the next release

Explore it. Join our Google Group to learn more.
I hope this system will be of great benefit to the GLAM community at large.



Nate Hill