Apologies to the List for this late response from those of us who compose 
the Community Support Squad; through an unfortunate coincidence, we each 
had been off-line for most of the "[CODE4LIB] Note [administratativia]" 

The thread has raised some issues that should be covered in the Code Of 
Code4lib Conduct (see ) 

  * what's appropriate for the mailing list
  * anonymity
  * requests for survey participation
  * what to do/whom to contact when any of these issues comes up.

Members of the CSS are working on an initial PR to address these issues, 
on which we will seek community feedback.  We will post a link to the PR 
when it is ready, and we encourage your input there to help shape how the 
community handles these issues in the future.

To prevent any further harms or misunderstandings while we try to address 
these important issues, we respectfully request that you suspend any 
further discussion in the thread until that announcement.

Thanks for your patience.

  -- Bobbi Fox, for the Community Support Volunteers/Community Support