Yes, I am a library professional and a journalist and yes, I do have a brain and yes, I can recognize the name of the list.  Sexual harassment can happen in any type of library to any person in any type of position in a library coding or otherwise.  

Have I been asked why  on I got on this list? Do you think it has been fun for me? 

Do you think it has been fun to be accused of seeking fame, having a suspicious agenda, being called names etc? 

For anyone who cares about why I did this story:

My name is Sunni Battin.  I did an anonymous survey to find out what the status of sexual harassment in libraries is.  I structured it that way for a reason and shared it as part of the story and that data will never be used for any other reason.  Do you think all of the people who agreed to be a part of the story would have trusted me if I was a fake or had some suspicious agenda? I wrote this story because a library friend of mine was sexually harassed in a public library.  When I started back in January 2018, I had no idea what I would discover if anything.  

I started getting on lists like this to create or have more dialogue on the topic and it has not been fun for me to be criticized.  I have devoted hours and hours of my time to this story because I believe in it.  

I was published before this project, during, etc.

You are entitled to your opinion but please don’t judge something you have not walked through for 18 months.  

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>> I know many people are ready to see this thread stop, but do you know of a better forum?
> You're a library information professional and don't have the skills to identify online forums related to libraries? Yikes! The first part of the name of this list is "CODE4" - that should provide adequate clue as the nature of appropriate topics for posts.
> Finally, and this is to everyone who DOES have Internet research skills and the capacity to infer proper topics for the list based on its name, ignore inappropriate content that you can't regulate...DON'T FEED THE TROLLS.