Linked data promises tremendous opportunity in how libraries describe resources, and how patrons may discover them. The Mellon-funded LD4P2 project<> and the wider LD4 community<> are working to tap this potential. One key focus of our effort is to introduce user-visible benefits of linked open data into current library discovery environments.

From September 24-27, 2019 there will be a working meeting at Stanford University Libraries to advance the use of LOD in Blacklight-based discovery environments. While Blacklight/SOLR will serve as reference platforms for this work, we expect the patterns to be generally useful for libraries regardless of their discovery system(s).

The meeting will address UX, data readiness and software engineering issues around introducing LOD into knowledge panels, search, browse and suggest. The meeting is described more fully, here:

The event will build on previous work on introducing LOD into library discovery systems<>, and the ongoing discussions of the LD4 Discovery Affinity group<>.

The meeting is open to interested participants who can add to the discussion and are keen to advance library discovery with linked open data, with Blacklight as the reference platform. Interested parties can express interest in participating here:

The form will be open through August 5, 2019; responses to EOIs will be returned the week of August 12.

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