Honestly, this is worrisome to me. 

First, who are the members of the Community Support Squad? I can find no mention of it anywhere on the website or the wiki. And it's disturbing that such a group let such a coincidence in lack of coverage occur. Yes, there were people listed for the 2019 conference, but to our knowledge, that was to be only for the conference. 

Two, shutting down any conversation while an unknown cabal (redundant, I know) discusses a solution that is to come with no projected timeline not only shuts down hurt but also prevents people from speaking up against any hurt that has or is still happening. Imagine if you had done this exact intervention yesterday after the emails about how the C4L mailing list was only to about CODE. You would have prevented the many posters who stood up to counter that narrative. Any teaching moments or learning that have come afterwards would also have been squashed. All that would remain would be the unchallenged statements of what the C4L community is only about: code. That silence would speak way more hurt. Sure, the Community Support Squad will eventually raise a solution... I mean a "pull request"...

It's uncomfortably ironic in that this conversation started with concerns about the transparency of the authorship and the procedures behind the sexual harassment articles but is now being "handled" by an opaque process where we are told to wait until the mystery box goes ping.

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] From the Community Support Squad wrt "Note [admiistratativia]"

Apologies to the List for this late response from those of us who compose the Community Support Squad; through an unfortunate coincidence, we each had been off-line for most of the "[CODE4LIB] Note [administratativia]" 

The thread has raised some issues that should be covered in the Code Of Code4lib Conduct (see )

  * what's appropriate for the mailing list
  * anonymity
  * requests for survey participation
  * what to do/whom to contact when any of these issues comes up.

Members of the CSS are working on an initial PR to address these issues, on which we will seek community feedback.  We will post a link to the PR when it is ready, and we encourage your input there to help shape how the community handles these issues in the future.

To prevent any further harms or misunderstandings while we try to address these important issues, we respectfully request that you suspend any further discussion in the thread until that announcement.

Thanks for your patience.

  -- Bobbi Fox, for the Community Support Volunteers/Community Support Squad