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Coming off a successful conference in Pittsburgh in July, the ACH Executive Council now invites proposals to host the 2021 ACH Conference.


The ACH Conference is the biennial conference of the Association for Computers and the Humanities, the US-based member organization of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO). The ACH Conference aims to provide a forum for conversations that accommodate an expansive definition of digital humanities in a broad array of subject areas, methods, and communities of practice. The event ran every other year from 1973-2005 as the ICCH/ACH Conference, and was reborn in 2019.


The ACH welcomes proposals from regional organizations or institutions within the United States and outlying areas. This includes any group ranging from emerging communities and new partnerships to those who have been active for a long time and have organized regional conferences. ACH is interested in supporting hosts and groups for whom organizing the conference would build on previous regional DH activities and/or bolster growing DH centers, projects, communities, and programs. ACH emphasizes that bids do not need to replicate the structure of previous conferences, and welcomes locally informed and creative programming.


Please note the lead applicant must be a member of ACH at the time of submission. 


The bid timeline:



More details, such as about committee organizational structure for conference planning and the requirements for expressions of interest, may be found here:


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