Dear Colleagues,

We are seeking interested collaborators on a proposal for a panel for DH2020 on digital humanities pedagogy and social justice from a librarian perspective. Possible themes for the panel include:

  • Students as public scholars.

  • What does library instruction for digital humanities look like? From one shot to embedded, what forms can it take?

  • Training students to privilege care and kindness in digital work. 

  • Recognizing and using student labor appropriately and ethically, touching on topics such as approaches that use or model the Student Collaborators’ Bill of Rights, avoiding deficit learning, and being non-exploitative within and beyond the (library) classroom.

  • Social justice and digital humanities pedagogy. 

  • Infusing and embedding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion concepts and principles into DH instruction. Touching on topics such as teaching critical analysis of projects and incorporating example projects that don’t reify systemic and structural oppression.

We are seeking collaborators from a wide variety of institutional contexts. We are particularly interested in collaborators from liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and institutions outside of North America. But we certainly look forward to hearing from people in any institutional context.

If you’re interested in collaborating, please send us a brief blurb about who you are, where you work, and what you generally think you might like to talk about on the panel. Please send this information either Pam Lach ([log in to unmask]) or Megan Martinsen ([log in to unmask]) no later than September 12.

Megan Martinsen & Pam Lach 

Megan Martinsen
Digital Scholarship Librarian
Georgetown University Library
Washington D.C.

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