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Hope that you all are enjoying a fruitful August so far!

For those of you planning to attend Learn@DLF and/or DLF, we invite you to JOIN US for 

“Zoom Reflex Framework: Facilitating intentional collaborations”

Building on a panel discussion from DLF 2018,  a group of colleagues with extensive experience facilitating and assessing collaborative efforts developed a framework for addressing librarian-involved collaboration that will encourage peer-to-peer learning and cultivate awareness about best practice in collaborative efforts. Four major issues that we will address include collaborative work, power dynamics, impact & overload, and sustainability.

HOW TO ATTEND: Add Learn@DLF to your ticket when you register for the Forum and/or Digital Preservation 2019.

Attendees will participate in discussion and skill-building around the four main themes listed above. They will address topics such as credit and attribution, empowerment and agency, cross-community impact, and maturity models. Activities will include round-table discussion, case study analysis, and guided reflection, all of which will allow learners to apply the framework both to examples of GLAM collaboration and to their own work. Attendees will be asked to share what has worked, and what has not, in their own collaborative endeavors.

We hope to see you there!

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Eleanor Koehl

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Jessica Meyerson

Jessica Meyerson
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