Nominations for the NDSA Coordinating Committee close this weekend.  
If you are interested  please complete this FORM by 11PM Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

More information about the CC can be found in the original email listed below.

Dear NDSA Community,

As members of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance we join together to form a consortium of about 250 partnering organization including universities, professional associations, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, all engaged in the long-term preservation of digital information. Committed to preserving access to our national digital heritage, we each offer our diverse skills, perspectives, experiences, cultures and orientations to achieve what we could not do alone.


NDSA’s Coordinating Committee (CC) provides strategic leadership to the organization in coordination with working group co-chairs. NDSA is a diverse community with a critical mission, and we seek candidates to join the CC that bring a variety of skills, perspectives, experiences, cultures and orientations to bear on leadership initiatives. Working on the CC is an opportunity to contribute your leadership for the community as a whole while collaborating with a wonderful group of dynamic and motivated professionals. 

The CC is dedicated to ensuring a strategic direction for NDSA, to the advancement of NDSA activities to achieve community goals, and to further communication among digital preservation professionals and NDSA member organizations. The CC is responsible for reviewing and approving NDSA membership applications and publications; updating eligibility standards for membership in the alliance, and other strategic documents; engaging with stakeholders in the community; and working to enroll new members committed to our core mission. Additional information about the CC can be found below.    

Elected CC members serve a three year term, participate in a monthly call, and meet face to face at the annual membership meeting (Digipres). 

If you are interested in joining the CC or want to nominate another member, please complete this FORM by 11PM Wednesday, August 28, 2019, which asks for the name, e-mail address, brief (nominee-approved) bio/candidate statement, and NDSA-affiliated institution of the nominee.   We particularly encourage and welcome nominations of people from underrepresented groups and sectors. Any questions can be directed to [log in to unmask]. 


We hope you will give this opportunity serious consideration and we value your continued contributions and leadership in our community.

Very Best,

Bradley Daigle, Chair

On behalf of the NDSA Coordinating Committee

Additional information about the CC:

NDSA Coordinating Committee 

The purpose of this document is to provide insight and guidance to those NDSA members who may be interested in serving on the NDSA Coordinating Committee or to become its chair. It is a general overview of the Coordinating Committee’s role, charge, and expectations of its elected members.


The Coordinating Committee (CC) is dedicated to the advancement of NDSA activities and furthering communication within the broader preservation community.

The Coordinating Committee is responsible for:

  • Working with Interest and Working Groups to articulate a long term strategic vision

  • Reviewing applications to join NDSA

  • Updating eligibility standards for membership as necessary

  • Proposing changes to the mission or principles

  • Provide necessary guidance and oversight to the various Interest and Working groups within the NDSA community

  • Review and refine reports and white papers created by NDSA groups

  • Nominating a Chair from the elected CC Members

  • Vote on elements of NDSA management (e.g. election of Chair)

The Committee also assists NDSA members in evaluating the effectiveness of the Interest Groups and Working Groups and eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort. The Coordinating Committee will recommend the creation of new or retirement of old Interest Groups or Working Groups.


The CC is charged with setting the strategic vision and priorities for the NDSA membership and it is critical that each elected member is actively engaged in the ongoing work of this group. Regular meeting attendance and participation is a key component of this engagement. Much of the core work off the CC is undertaken asynchronously and work is often required between the monthly meetings to move efforts forward. Specifically, CC members are expected to:

  • Work with other committee members to provide general oversight and individually participate in Interest Groups and Working Groups as needed or required.

  • Actively promote and represent the work of the NDSA in their own professional communities.

  • When leading or participating in CC projects, communicate clearly, respectfully, and in a timely fashion to support active participation by all members of the project team.

  • Engage the community in sustaining value to the membership through our collective research, publications, and discussions platforms (e.g. website, mailing lists, OSF site and the annual membership meeting DigiPres).

  • Be active and engaged in monthly meetings with the goal of at least a 75% attendance rate.

  • Attend the annual DigiPres conference.

  • Notify the Chair of the CC in writing when these expectations can no longer be met.

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