Hi y'all,

Just a reminder that the deadline to sign up for the code4lib 2020
sponsorship committee is *Friday, Sept 13th**.* After this time, I will be
contacting participants about their best time to meet. To sign up, either
contact me directly, or sign up here on the code4lib wiki with your contact
information -

We need YOUR help in contacting potential sponsors and getting the word out
about code4lib! Without this work, amenities that benefit the community
like live-streaming would not be present, and on a more extreme level, the
code4lib conference would not happen.

You may ask: Mary, but what about the *time commitment*? Meetings are held
virtually, and duration is a half hour on average. I believe in not wasting
people's time in meetings. Meeting frequency is weekly until at least the
new year, and then we may meet fortnightly. If we meet our goals ahead of
time, we may even cut back on meeting frequency earlier than New Year's.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Mary Jinglewski, MLIS